Guest Book

Just a quick note to say thank you again for the outstanding job on my
car.  I am happy to know that you are close by and will be a regular at
your business plus it is great to know someone who really cares about the
work they do.

Once again thank you again and MUCH continued success.

Jim L
Palos Hills
Based on what I see, I will definitely bring my cars to this establishment. Looking forward to my first experience.

Sean Walsh
Chicago, Il
I just had my 94 Firehawk detailed by Showcardetail and it looks as if it was just rolled out of the showroom floor. Very impressed on how the car turned out. The products used really made the interior smell and look brand new. A wonderful fob all the way around! I am very pleased and will tell everyone I know about this place!

Greg Lindop
Indianapolis, In
I recently bought a 2007 Mustang GT convertable (73k Miles) for my wife as a daily driver, and this cars paint definitly has not been cared for.I am a complete amature at buffing or restoring paint and have only done it once before. With Steves help and advice I got through it flawlessly. Before I started the paint basically felt like a piece of sandpaper with many light scratches around the door handles and entire car was nothing but a huge swirl mark. After about 16 hours of work (i'm a newby be nice) and a lot of elbow grease with the Show Car products the car looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. All of the swirl marks and about 99 percent of the LIGHT scratches have been polished away. The ones that were left were dramatically reduced and need someone above my skill level to fix. The finish after being done is amazing and as smooth as a piece of glass, and I would hate to think of what it would have cost to do this by a professional.

Cary, IL
Wow! What a great job with my car. I have a 2005 Hyundai that has 137,000 miles has survived 3 kids (x many more friends) 2 dogs and 2 cats. The cleaning detail given to my vehicle has made it look like it just came off the showroom floor. Thank you!

Palos Hills
Can't thank you enough for helping fix my car. I am not really a car guy and appreciate all your help and will be sure to pass this on to friends

Mike Marzano
Cary, IL
I have a 2001 Mustang that is my daily driver and show car at the same time. This year I wanted to get the car totally detailed. I chose to go with the show car package and I can not believe how the car turned out. It looked like it just rolled out of the showroom. One thing that sets Show Car Detail above the rest is that when my engine was being cleaned Steve noticed that the car was running a little rough. Well, my Mustang has 115,000 miles on it so Steve looked up the error code and found that my number three cylinder was misfiring. Turns out my ignition was the original installed at the factory. Steve helped me pick out the right parts over the phone. He then took the time to replace my all my spark plugs and wires as well as the ignition coil. In one day I got my car to shine like and show car and most of a 100,000 mile tune up all in the same place. At show Car Detail the go above and Beyond I wont go anywhere else. Thank you so much.

Dave W
Just wanted you to know I think this is some serious good product!! Thanks

ashley vogt
Ok let me start off with saying my mustang is a daily driver as well as has only once or twice seen a garage in my 3 years of owning her. I was told by forum members to try out steves products, I did. Instantly I fell in love with the products and the way they made my car turn out! More recently I had my car detailed by him and could not believe the shine that came out after all his meticulous work and tlc on my stang! Now even when my car is filthy its amazingly shiny and I get tons of compliments! Also I more recently had my interior cleaned due to a "friend" dumping a very large iced coffee across the back seat. Total diffrence! All in all steves work is worth every penny! Even my daily driven mustang now looks like a show car, but i must add he also gets awesome help from his assistant kristie! keep rocking guys!! you do amazing work! It is evident in there work that they truly have a passion for cars :)

Kevin Christenson
Hi Steve, just wanted to drop you line that at the recent Mustang Memories show in Dearborn, I was a "class winner" for the 2005+ Factory Performance Mustangs class. Gotta thank you for the products you provided as I had just applied a nice coat of Nauba wax on the GT500 before the show, as well as did a full "wheel off" cleaning of the wheels including some wheel seal. Awsome stuff!

Rich P.
Last summer I attended a car show here in Ohio. I complimented a car owner about the fantastic appearance of his Shelby GT. He gave me Steve's business card & I began to order products from Show Car. I decided to make an appointment for a detailing class in early July and travelled to the Chicago area to meet with Steve. The class was an education to say the least; there is only one way to learn and it is hands on. There were a number of things Steve pointed out to me that could only be identified by him watching me and correcting. His advise during the class concerning his products, their correct application, the basics of maintaining the finish, and valuable tips on detailing that would never have crossed my mind (remove the labels from the detailing towels and to inspect them every time before using). When back home I inspected each and found a small piece of plastic 'hang tag' embedded in two of the towels that I had been using. Another thing I've learned to appreciate about Steve, he doesn't push you to buy his products but suggests what will work. When I have called him for advise he is always gracious with his replies and allows the customer to end the conversation. Perfect customer service and a line of fantastic products that work as advertised!

Steve's products are great. I use the caranuba wax on my Silver Ford Mustang Cobra and love the wetness. Easy on/easy off. His detail spray is also phenomenal. I saw Steve at a show recently where I purchaed his waxes. Steve is the real deal and would recommend his products after the positive experiance I had

Mark Huddleston
Steve is a true and honest professional. Every business should follow Steve's example.

Tim Olson
Steve did a complete detail of my Mercedes 300SEL and it made a huge difference. At car shows people who knew the car saw the difference and commented on it. I am very pleased and will use Steve again.

Jim Clark
I own a 2008 Shelby Mustang that is, to me, a special car in many respects. I heard of Show Car products from posts of the Team Shelby forum. I have been a long time Zaino user but, over time, I came to the conclusion that I should try the Show Car products. What I found is that they are the best I have ever used and that is not meant to take anything away from the Zaino products which are very good. Anyone who has a special car does not mind putting the time into caring for that car. But with Show Car products, I was able to obtain an appearance for my car that was better than what I got with Zaino and with less time involved. But the icing on the cake is the customer service I have received. When I wanted to make a gift of Show Car products to a friend with a new vehicle (to get him started off right), I received advice as to what my friend actually needed. I did not get a sales pitch designed to increase the total of the order. Instead, I got a package of products, designed specifically for my friend's needs, which package turned out to be precisely what was needed. Beyond that, when I have needed something that was not on the menu of products offered by Show Car, they worked with me to piece together exactly what I needed for my car. That is called customer service in my book and, as most of you know, that is harder and harder to come by these days. With Show Car, I got the impression that I was receiving the same treatment that any customer would get. I live far away from Illinois, yet I may as well be across the street; they are prompt with their orders and, as above, sell only the best. Jim Clark San Diego, CA

Your in good hands! One look at the cars Steve has detailed says it all. We get so many compliments on the shine("Wow") The end results show all the TLC that goes into his cleaning, detail, and waxing. After Steves detail it makes regular wipe-off,and cleaning so much easier. The Show Car Detail products are wonderful,and our cars look better than the day we bought them. It's Nice to know someone we can trust with our Next-Gen investments. Thanks Steve!

Lou G.
I met Steve thru an extensive internet search for an experienced detailer. I've had enough of the assembly-line detail shops and the masked damage they leave behind. Steve gave thorough consultation weeks before the appointment date, discussing what methods should be used and how to deal with the black single stage paint that I brought to his attention. Needless to say, my '93 Miata is on it's way to becoming a concours example. Thanks again Steve.

Bob Plantz
I work with Scott Clark and he told me about the site and gave me a card. I don't show cars but I am interested in having my 08 Frontier detailed in the future. Hope we can do business together.

Steve, keep up the good work. America depends on people like you.

Brian H
Clay bar, glaze, detail spray and carnuaba wax are excellent!Gave my vehicles that show car appearance.